Sombrero Silver Tequila

I typically prefer patron tequila to most other tequilas if I am drinking as a connoisseur. However, the cost just isn’t too efficient for me on the regular, so when I don’t feel like spending the extra mile to get my favorite, I just go with some Silver Jose Cuervo. Well, this past weekend, I got schooled at the package store.

I went to the counter, Jose in hand, and the clerk asked if he could give me a suggestion on a better brand of tequila, same size, that would be cheaper than Jose. I scoffed because I really never drink anything that is cheaper that Jose, but said sure. He told me about Sombrero brand tequila and informed me that it is 100% Agave. The price i normally pay for a bottle of Jose is $20.99 and the same size for Sombrero would only cost me $11.99. He said the taste was great and that obviously I would be less likely to have a hang over because of the 100% Agave factor. I obliged and purchased the Sombrero instead.

The clerk then informed me there really is no difference, besides some food coloring, between Jose Silver and Jose Gold. He also went on to say, shockingly, that the majority of Jose brand tequila is made up of gain alcohol which is basically vodka. What?! I’ve been drinking vodka this whole time? wtf mate?

It took me a few minutes to get used to the switch in tastes, but it turns out I actually like the Sombrero Silver. I’ve never cared for the taste of Don Julio too much, so I can tell you I prefer the price and taste of Sombrero. Woo hoo for new things.

picture of sombrero tequila

  • Christina Hawthorne

    thanks! i have never heard of it, but my bf just came home with a bottle of it. i am not a big drinker, but my real concern was if it was so cheap it would give me a hangover since i get migraine headaches often. this helped out a lot. thanks!